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Jeanskamel is in Vienna now!

Jeanskamel at Hormayrgasse 10 in 1170 Vienna, Austria

Opening Hours:

Tue Wed Thu 9 am – 5 pm

Sat Sun depending on program – see Facebook – and on demand


Jeanskamel is offering

  • Jeans Design of all kinds made from used Denim
  • A goood cuppa coffee from High Mountain Roastery/Austria and some selected teas
  • A location for your concert, Stammtisch, birthday, workshop, seminar…
  • Anerkennungsraum: You can learn or improve your German skills without a script, Learning By Doing. In exchange you offer a skill like sewing, cooking, helping out
  • Brotpiloten: Every Tuesday pick up organic bread and organic cake at Jeanskamel
  • Cool Parents: Have kids and no family in town? Grandkids on another continent? Compose a new one here / Every Tuesday around noon

Jeanskamel is looking for

  • Used Denim: Bring your old Jeans and get a coffee or tea!
  • People to co-work
  • Institutions to co-work

High spirits of nature!

 When I find a four or even a five leaf clover I feel the high spirits the plant must have when producing an extra leaf!

Here they come! For you, for me, for auntie too! For the wedding, a birthday or other occasions of high spirits!

More and available at Jeanskamel!

IMG_3550 IMG_3588 IMG_3590 IMG_3592 IMG_3589 IMG_3587 IMG_3648 IMG_3647



JEANSKAMEL beginnt seine Reise! JEANSKAMEL is starting its journey!

JEANSKAMEL is a gallery – and more. The gallery displays fresh products made from old jeans: bags, baskets, covers and paintings. All products are made in collaboration with refugees in Salzburg. What is the – and more part?                                                                                                      JEANSKAMEL as a micro-café is offering a cup of coffee, a brownie or a hoummous dish. Here you can use our job exchange for refugees.                                                                                            At the JEANSKAMEL you can attend Oral History nights, nano concerts, theaters and performances.

Come and become a part of JEANSKAMEL!

Müllner Hauptstr. 12                                                                                                                                     5020 Salzburg                                                                                                                                           Austria

Jeanskamel 21.03.ReflektionJeanskamel 21.03. KinderIMG_3186IMG_3185

Mackie Messer at Salzburger Festspiele

Mackie Messer at Salzburger Festspiele

IMG_1747MAckie Messer

I was part of the puppet ensemble and also singing and dancing at Mackie Messer, a Three Penny Opera for Salzburg, at Salzburger Festspiele 2015.

It was a great time, thank you to the ensemble, musicians and everybody involved!


OPENING Mashrou Forn / April 11, 2015


April 11, 2015 at 11h in front of St. Elisabeth church, Salzburg.

Dorfofen / Mashrou Forn is an installation in public space and a social sculpture.

For the inauguration we gather in the garden in front of the church and bake body parts and eat them up together. Coming from the traditional art of baking when neighbors shared an oven and were baking bread every morning and making sweet bakery every now and then.

From then on this wood-heated oven is be available all year to bring your dough, bake bread, pizza and meet with friends and strangers in open sky.

Come with your dough!

If you want to bake, please call office of St. Elisabeth:
T: 0662-450017 (Fax DW-17)
E-Mail: st.elisabeth@utanet.at

EXHIBITION in Vilnius, Lithuania / February 4, 2015

Exhibition in Vilnius on February 4, 2015


64 min, 2006 and ongoing

WHERE Text & Foto

About 120 contributions from Palestinians from all walks of life, living around Ramallah.             A video inquiry after the Wall of 9 m height was built.                         

Message from the gallery:                                                                                    
hi,                                                                                                                                                                    Your show will be in Malonioji 6 at 2015 02 04. 19h
We will cover all space in green canvas.
for now


gold extra artist group is inviting themselves into Nabila Irshaid´s living room >>> Salon

December 12, 2014

5 p.m.

What are we supposed to do?

Artist and human beings confronted with the question of responsibility and involvement in political matters. Everybody can come and take part.


A well mixed and matching group showed up and discussed how we can find creative solutions for political situations which we want to make visible and/or change.

We cannot let the politicians shape the world, as we can see. Art has the power to take over.  Also, all other professions are asked to bring in more responsibility.

Art can move forward, it has to free itself from the strings of the stock market. The unholy bond of art and assets is never enough questioned and disentangled. For the last centuries art was feeding the institutions leaving the artist unpaid. Artists from now on choose their own partners. By the means of art we can free ourselves. This is the new purpose of art.

Most curators still put their shows in national boxes, label the artist by their nationality or eye color. This is wrong.

Art is beyond nations. Art without borders. Artists without borders. We play with stereotypes but we don´t serve them.

Art expressing any purpose can still be beautiful, but doesn´t have to be.

Salon Dec12,14.03Salon DEC 12,14.01SalonDec12,14.04Salon Dec12,14.02