Born in 1964 in Osnabrück, Germany as a Jordanian citizen

1974 Gaining German citizenship

1999 Graduating Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg, Germany with the Master of Arts in Visual Communication



1994 Computer-Animation ALLES FLIESST    3 min / Music: Ando Yoo

A story-like poem about a fight between an man and a woman

1994 Ars Electronica et al


2001 Short Film TRAVEL AGENCY

7 min / Music: Hassan Erraji

An invitation to visit Palestine illustrated by Super-8-shots from the 70ies starring my own family commented by an ironical voice

2001 ZKM Award

2001    Festival Du Mediterranèe MONTPELLIER/FRANCE Dokumentar- und Videofest KASSEL/GERMANY   Films From The South OSLO/NORWAY Institut Du Monde Arabe, Biennale du Cinéma Arabe, PARIS/FRANCE 2003 International Documentary Filmfestival HAVANA/CUBA   Cinèmathèque Française, Cinéma arabe moderne PARIS/FRANCE Kulturtage BREMEN/GERMANY   Palestinian Filmfestival CHICAGO USA Shorts! AMSTERDAM/NETHERLANDS Palestinian Filmfestival New York USA Cinemayaat SAN FRANCISCO, BERKELEY, SAN JOSÈ, KANSAS CITY/USA 2004 Institut Du Monde Arabe, Nouvelle Vague, PARIS/FRANCE   OVNI BARCELONA/SPAIN Medienwerkstatt WIEN/AUSTRIA et al


2005 Long-time Video-Conference FLYING CARPET


104 min / Music: Joubran Brothers

A 3 week and a 3 month long video conference each joined by two cultural institutions, one Palestinian and one „Western“ institution to encourage mutual every day communication

Parallel the video WHERE WOULD YOU FLY WITH FLYING CARPET? is shown based on the question mentioned above. 120 answers from Palestinians, 104 min / Music: Joubran brothers

2005 OffMozart Award

2005 Museum der Moderne SALZBURG AUSTRIA Goethe Institut RAMALLAH PALESTINE 2006 MIT List VAC CAMBRIDGE USA International Peace Center BETHLEHEM PALESTINE


2007 Drawings with olive oil on a wall WALL TATOO

A portait of my Palestinian grandparents´family with most of her kids symbolizing the impossible attempts to keep together a family and to create a clear view on it

Award of Land Salzburg

2007 Salzburger Kunstverein


2008 Sound installation with poems DISKO DIWAN

4 different poems printed on reflecting foil on all walls in a dark room. Whenever a visitor is entering a mirror ball is turning and making the poems partly visible by ist sparkling lights.

Music: Hossam Mahmoud, Eingeklemmt – a contemporary hymn to Palestine

2008 Salzburger Kunstverein


2008 FOUR LYRICAL INSTALLATIONS in public space, Rietberg Germany

Comissioned by the regional literature festival „Wege durch das Land“ I created platforms for 4 poems. One as a video screened in a house under construction, one as floating flowers on the river Ems, one on magnetic foil on a wall of a Jewish cemetry and one printed white on white silk wrapping paper for all shops in town.


2010 STRANGE FRUITS in Matrei Osttirol

Understanding the St Alban church in Tyrolia as public space, together with the inhabitants of Matrei we hand stamped 1.200 cushions for the church benches, each with an individual design. As motives we mixed the fruits os Palestine and Tyrolia.

2009 Award of Art in Public Space Land Tirol


2015 An oven in public space DORFOFEN

Coming from the rural tradition of many Arab countries, the oven to bake bread and cake is seated in public space and shared by a group of people. For the church St. Elisabeth in Salzburg I created the Dorfofen which is free to be booked by everybody who wants to bake bread and pizza with friends and strangers.


Since 2011 I am working to establish a SUMMERACADEMY RAMALLAH OF ARTS

Summeracademy Ramallah offers annual art workshops in which Palestinian and international participants meet and collaborate on a creative project, ending in a public show. The show with all art works shall go on tour to attract more participants from all over the world.

I am living in Salzburg and have 5 kids


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