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Photography Collage

Project FLOWER  was inititaed by my fascination for the small painting by Jan van de Hecke in 1652 called “Blumen in einer Vase mit der Belagerung von Gravelingen”  (Flowers in a Vase with the Siege of Gravelingen). He has put the lush flowers in the front yet in a miniature size in the background canons are firing.

FLOWER is constructed like renaissance drawings. Beautiful yet threatening flowers attract the attention first. But instead of being placed in an interior they are confronted with a wide view.

Details from photos taken in the Occupied Territories/ Palestine become part of famous or beautiful views taken in Europe. Notre Dame faces soap towers made of olive oil in the city of Nablus. In the middle of the austrian landscape near Untersberg you can find a romantic cemetry originally sited in Jenin.