gold extra artist group is inviting themselves into Nabila Irshaid´s living room >>> Salon

December 12, 2014

5 p.m.

What are we supposed to do?

Artist and human beings confronted with the question of responsibility and involvement in political matters. Everybody can come and take part.


A well mixed and matching group showed up and discussed how we can find creative solutions for political situations which we want to make visible and/or change.

We cannot let the politicians shape the world, as we can see. Art has the power to take over.  Also, all other professions are asked to bring in more responsibility.

Art can move forward, it has to free itself from the strings of the stock market. The unholy bond of art and assets is never enough questioned and disentangled. For the last centuries art was feeding the institutions leaving the artist unpaid. Artists from now on choose their own partners. By the means of art we can free ourselves. This is the new purpose of art.

Most curators still put their shows in national boxes, label the artist by their nationality or eye color. This is wrong.

Art is beyond nations. Art without borders. Artists without borders. We play with stereotypes but we don´t serve them.

Art expressing any purpose can still be beautiful, but doesn´t have to be.

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