Jeanskamel goes Stand 129 Vienna 2018

In October 2018 Jeanskamel had a short stop at the Viktor Adler Markt in Vienna. Invited by Stand 129 I could realise AMOR CON AMOR SE PAGA.

Stitching with marketeers, customers, passersby who were asked to perform the word LOVE in their original language.

We talked about the different forms of love starting with the romantical love between two persons, the love for family and children, the love in spirituality and nature and the love between peoples and cultures.

The above title is taken from a quote by Américo Brizuela Cuenca who was a partisan in the Spanish Civil War. When asked why he was fighting in the Austrian Alps against the fascist regime, he answered: LOVE IS REWARDED BY LOVE.

So love can be political too. And in times like these we find us reconsidering our values and meanings. Even love can become a new shape.