Various workshops build my platform to interact, exchange and transform within creativity.

My focus is to induce creativity as a means of empowerment. Sewing not because I can do it perfectly but I want to wear self made fashion. Making fashion out of trash because it is available.

Out of this evolved workshops in public space, on market places, using embroidery as a technique to meditate upon a word, to steal some time from every day routine, to make unseen activities visible and to be in peaceful company.

Another workshop within Künstlerhaus Vienna focused on the dependence on the underwear industry. What if we start making it on our own? With what we have? How does it look like and feel?

An ongoing activity at my gallery Jeanskamel is to offer workshops for empowerment fashion and empowerment products for everyday use. All these activities include climate friendlyness and act against isolation in urban life.

Mammocracy found its way to me and formed this word to describe my way of living. Mammocracy is a gift of empowerment. Within mammocracy we can express female power with our utmost power and brilliance. Mammocracy brings to light what was obviously hidden. Mammocracy puts into words what has not yet been said in that manner.